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2019 Adult Winter League

From 01/04/17 2:04 pm until 03/23/17 7:30 pm
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Adult Winter Archery League at Lincoln Park Archers at 80 Jacksonville Rd., Towaco, NJ.

When:  Wednesday, January 4th or Thursday, January 5th 2019, 7:30 PM start

For those of you planning on returning this year, Welcome Back!

For those of you considering the fun, here are some highlights:

*    You can shoot either a Wednesday night or Thursday night or switch.

*    Compound bows or Traditional (no crossbows)

*    All skill levels are welcome. Remember, this is fun!

*    League is 12 weeks long with a fun traditional bow 3D night for a 13th week bonus night.

*    We have a Pizza night (or some other gourmet food) half way through and a banquet awards dinner in mid-April (night TBD and included in the league fees)

*    200 point game, 8 ends, 5 arrows each, 25 points max each end.

*    Shoot either a single spot or 5 spot target

*    Handicapped scoring to level the playing field

*    6 teams, 6 highest scores the first night are team captains

*    Fees: Club members $60 total, non-club members $120 total.  $20 Minimum deposit due the first night.  50% due by week #2 and the balance by week #3

*    All new indoor lighting installed

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is critical that your target points match the diameter of your arrow shafts.  There must be a very smooth transition from arrow point to shaft. No undersize or oversized points will be allowed.  This also includes the “easy pull” type of points, (the kind where the point has a bell shaped ridge that is bigger than the arrow shaft.)  We will be checking and if your equipment is not compatible you won’t be allowed to shoot.