About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves and our facilities to provide our members and guests with the finest experience in recreation and hospitality. Our focus is on exceeding the expectations of everyone who visits our club. We will: Encourage, teach, and perpetuate the practice of archery in the spirit of good sportsmanship among all people; Encourage and teach the proper, safe and legal use of a bow and arrow in sport hunting of all legal fish, birds, and animals, while adhering to the rules of “Fair Chase”; Cooperate with all wildlife and conservation organizations in the proper management and protection of all game and non-game animals, birds or fish.

Our Vision

Lincoln Park Archers has been and is the home of some of the finest archers and bow hunters in the East. We will continue to be with the dedicated and unselfish help of each of our current members. We owe it to those that preceded us to not only maintain but improve it, by ensuring that our facilities and events exceed the expectations of all our members and our guests.

Our Values

We CARE about our members and our guests.
We CARE about maintaining a positive social and archery experience.
We CARE about continuous improvement and innovation.
We CARE about community responsibility.

C. - Commitment
A. - Accountability
R. - Respect
E. - Excellence

Lincoln Park Archers was established in the mid fifties by a group of dedicated bow hunters. It has changed and evolved many times over the years.

If you think you may want to join our club, please feel free to attend one of our meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM right here at Camp Dawson.

The club offers an indoor and outdoor range. We also run a winter league. We also do some volunteer work to promote the sport of archery. An example of this would be archery lessons for the kids every year.

Other benefits include great camaraderie between club members, the opportunity to greatly increase your knowledge and ability to work on bows, and of course, improve your hunting/shooting skills. We also run various social events that family members and friends can get involved in.

As with any club/organization, there are also certain requirements that must be met to stay in good standing as a club member. They are listed on the membership page. It is our opinion that the rewards of membership far exceed the requirements.



Outdoor Range

Indoor/Outdoor Ranges