Covid Policy

Wear a mask when entering!

At the desk when you enter the barn you will find the following:

 1) Sign-in book (same as before) make sure you enter the exact time you enter & leave the barn

2) Digital thermometer, take temperature on your forehead

 3) Complete the Daily Health Questionnaire completely including your temperature. Date & Sign it.  If you answer YES to ANY of the questions sign-out and go home.  You should follow CDC guidelines for self-quarantining.  A “Timeframe for Self-Quarantine” sheet will be on the desk, take one and leave.

4) Read, Date and sign the Waiver of Liability

5) Deposit the two completed forms in the box provided on the desk

6) Use a Lysol Disinfecting wipe to clean the thermometer, pen, door knob, light switch and anything else you have touched so far.  You will also find a spray bottle of “CHEMSAN” this is to be sprayed on a surface, let set for several minutes and then wipe off any excess.

7) Guidelines will be posted at the sign in desk.

 8) Repeat these procedures each day you come to the barn.

·         Adults 65 years and older or people of any age with serious underlying medical conditions are strongly encouraged not to use the indoor range.

·         If there is more than one person in the range you MUST wear a mask at all times except on the shooting line.  Wear it to the line, take it off and put it back on at the line when finished.

·         No sharing of equipment.  Including pulling another shooters arrows.

·         No more than 3 shooters on the line at once to maintain 6 feet of separation.  Social distancing should be practiced at all times.

·         Follow all out of state travel restrictions.  If you are coming from a restricted state (not NY) you must follow the NJ guidelines for quarantining.

·         Only one person in the bathrooms at a time. Spray or wipe down any touched surfaces.

·         When using equipment or tools in the tech area remember to wipe off everything you have touched.

·         Any exposure will require a 2 day “look-back” for tracing.  If you have been exposed to a COVID infected person I need to know immediately.  If you have them I will need your date of first felt symptoms or Positive COVID test.  Your information will remain confidential but reporting to me is crucial for reporting to the health department.  Any exposure will result in a temporary shutdown of the barn for cleaning and disinfecting.

Any violations of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action and/or suspension from the use of the facilities.

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