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Please read the instructions below and either complete the online form or mail in your completed application and we will contact you.

How It Works

  • Read the below rules in their entirety

  • Submit application online or mail to
    Lincoln Park Archers
    80 Jacksonville Road, Towaco, NJ 07082

    Online & Printable Application Below.

  • We will contact you to schedule your interview

  • You will be invited to one our meetings and voted in

  • Dues are to be paid via check or cash after vote

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Rules & Regulations

Membership Process

Proposed members must be present at the meeting to be considered for membership. Members are required to attend all scheduled work parties and make one meeting per quarter in addition to working all scheduled shoots.

Membership Fees

Membership fees must not accompany a completed membership application. Dues payment will be accepted via check, cash, or money order following your successful vote into the club. Dues are pad annually each year.

All new members will pay a one time initiation fee of $100.00 in addition to their first years dues.

Annual Dues
Regular Membership 18+$100
Youth Membership <18$50
Associate Member$50
Non-Working Membership$650
Membership Requirements
  1. All members are required to make one (1) meeting per quarter

  2. All members must attend all mandatory work parties

  3. All members must maintain their assigned targets/ or other assignments

  4. All member dues must be paid by the January meeting

  5. All members must work the Annual Bow Hunters Round Up Shoot

  6. All members must work their other assigned required shoot or arrange a switch on your own, for someone to work in your place.

  7. All members are required to volunteer to join at least one (1)
    club committee or you will be assigned one. (Membership, Indoor/Outdoor Range, Hunting, Kitchen, Demonstration, House keeping, By Laws.)

Any activities listed as membership requirements are subject to disciplinary action for non-compliance.

Members are expected to fulfill all voluntary commitments they make without a reminder from the club.

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