Lincoln Park Archers

Dedicated to Promoting the Sport of Archery Since 1957, an amazing sport for all ages, genders, and styles. Visit us at one of our events for a great time, or join us today!

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Our Facility

  • 30+ Outdoor 3D Targets With Maintained Trails for our hosted shoots
  • 12 Indoor Shooting Lanes
  • Fully equipped bow tool room
  • Heated Indoor Range
  • Beautiful grounds located off 287

Our building in Towaco section of Montville, NJ is a 5000sq ft heated range. Members are allowed access daily from 7am to Midnight! We have an indoor range with 6 Big Shot targets accommodating 12 archers at one time, and a full indoor range that allows crossbows and broadheads. As well, we have outdoor range with shooting up to 90 yards. We welcome and have plenty to offer any archer.

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Welcome to LPA!

Welcome to Lincoln Park Archers of Montville, since 1957.  Thank you for checking us out. Our amazing club is home to some of the best Archers in NJ.  Our facility is located at Camp Dawson Park.  5 minutes off route 287.

Our building in the Towaco section of Montville Township, NJ is a 5,000 sq ft archery range. Members are allowed access daily from 7am to Midnight to our indoor archery range in Montville NJ! We have an indoor competition range with 6 “Big Shot” target bales. and a second level range that allows crossbows and broadheads. We welcome all skill levels of archers and have plenty to offer any archery enthusiast!

We offer archery options for all styles of shooting: Competition, 3D, Hunting, Compound, Traditional and Crossbow.

We are very involved in the community, offering many activities and programs.  We host an annual kids league utilizing the N.A.S.P. program run through the town recreation program, as well as a winter adult league.  We provide Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Archery Training for Merit Badges and other types of demonstrations for groups.  We host at least three 3D shoots a year with over 30 3D targets through maintained trails for public shoots.  You can also enjoy our annual Beefsteak and comedy night.

Our first floor range can support up to 36 paper targets at one time.  Self-service work room with bow press and fletching jigs.  We have two outdoor target boxes for broadheads and another for 3D targets and field points with shooting distances up to 90 yards.

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    Recent Articles

    The “Scrape Line Buck”

    The 2002 bow hunting season in Connecticut was quickly approaching. The weather was cooling and as my dad always used to say, I can smell fall in the air”.

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    My 1998 Canadian Trophy Black Bear Bow Hunt

    It was 2:15PM when I settled into the natural spruce tree stand which was covered with freshly cut pine boughs and spruce trimmings. The stand was strong and silent, not giving up any squeaks as I moved my 250lb body around in it.

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    Are You a Good Shot Or Not

    Shooting a bow well is no different than swinging a golf club with precision—for that perfect hit, it takes finesse and proper technique for smooth, accurate execution. This is why professional coaching is such a craze in golf — practice doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect. If more archers would seek coaching, they’d eliminate a lot of frustration, just as amateur golfers do.

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    Dedicated To Promoting Archery

    There are many areas one can enjoy within the sport of Archery. We seek to have a place for each of them. Check out some of our dedicated club sections below helping promote the sport of Archery.


    LPA is a member of the National Archery in the Schools Program.

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    Women’s Archers

    LPA is home to a great group of Women dedicated to the sport of Archery.

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    Need to prepare for the hunt, or looking for a great community of Archers to hunt with? LPA is the place for you.

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    Competition shooting can be one of the funnest forms of Archery.

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    Traditional Archery

    Traditional archery by definition it is a more raw style of shooting arrows. The archer does not rely on any equipment for accuracy or stability. Everything depends on the archers, their bow, and their arrows.

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